Any idea how to target users from different locations?

Hey everyone,

I run an e-commerce store and have customers from different parts of the world. I’d love some advice on targeting specific visitors based on their locations.

For instance, is there a way to create location-specific promotions, such as offering discount codes to users from France on national holidays?

I don’t want it to be super complicated for customers and me as well. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you.

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It is totally possible! I also heard about terms like geofencing, geo-targeting

(They are a little bit different btw. Geofencing targets a large crowd based only on location and geotargeting focuses on a smaller group using location along with details like demographics and interests)

and thought it could really work for businesses.

For this, there are a couple of recipes on Popupsmart’s recipe pages but let me summarize it for you real quick:

1- While creating your campaign, you will see many templates on the Playbook. This is where you can choose the one that suits you best. For example, one with a discount code.

Here is what I selected:

2- Then of course you can customize it to your liking. This is how I got it suitable with my brand:

P.S. The Theme Engine was a lifesaver at this point since we didn’t have a designer.

3- Then continue with the Segment step and choose Geo-Location Targeting under Audience Targeting. After that, just add the country/city that you want to target.

That’s all! This is how to target an audience based on location. At least this is what worked for me, I loved it so hope this helps.

P.S. Here is the link to the recipe that I have implemented for geo-targeting: Boost Your Sales with the Purchase-Power-Based Campaign by a Geo-Located Popup | Popupsmart

Of course, this is just how I use geo-location targeting with popups but there are other ways like using ads.

Geo-location ads allow you to zoom in on specific regions or even micro-target within a particular city. With platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can set up campaigns that are tailor-made for different locales.

For instance, if you’re running a promotion only in New York City, you can ensure that your ads for that offer are visible exclusively to users within that area. Cool, right?

I’ll just explain other ways (simply) so that you have no question marks.

  • Location-Based Keywords: Mention where you are in your ads or website content. Like, if you’re a Miami coffee shop, use “coffee shop in Miami” to attract locals searching for food spots.
  • Interest Targeting: Some ad platforms let you aim ads at people keen on specific locations or activities. For instance, target travelers interested in your destination.
  • Location Data: Ad platforms can use a person’s device or IP address to show them ads related to their location.
  • Retargeting: Show ads to people who’ve been to your site or app before and are in a specific place.
  • Location Extensions: With Google Ads, show your business details, like address and phone, in your ads.
  • Local Targeting: Ad platforms let you aim ads at people near landmarks or local businesses. Perfect for reaching nearby customers.
  • Location-Based Audiences: Create groups based on where users visit your site from. Then, target ads to those groups.
  • Location-Based Ad Formats: Some ad platforms have special ads to catch the eye of people in certain places. Like Facebook’s “local awareness ads” for people near your business.
  • Offline Data: If you’ve got customer addresses or phone numbers, you can use this info to target ads to specific locations. Some platforms allow you to upload this data to reach your audience.

These are all digital stuff but you can go traditional as well. Here are a few examples:

  • Local Publications: Advertise in your town’s newspaper or magazines to connect with locals interested in local happenings and news.
  • Flyers or Posters: Make eye-catching flyers or posters about your business and ask local businesses or community spots if you can put them up. Always get permission first!
  • Local Events: Join community events like fairs or festivals. Set up a booth or table to showcase your business to people attending these events. It’s a great way to engage with your local community.

So I know it seems like there are so many ways and it might be confusing but you can just choose one solid method and try it first. Then, if you think it’s not a match you can try others!


I see from the example above it is actually pretty simple to reach your audience with location-based targeting. That was unexpected for me haha!

Anyway, is it really worth though? Like, do you recommend using this targeting? I’d appreciate it if you could provide me with details about its potential benefits.

Thanks a bunch xx

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Hey there!

I’m glad you found targeting specific locations surprisingly simple! It can definitely have some cool perks.

Now, about whether it’s worth it… Well, it really depends on what you’re aiming for! Targeting specific locations can be super helpful if you want to reach a particular audience in a certain area. For businesses, it’s like aiming your message right at the bullseye, hitting exactly where your potential customers are hanging out.

Imagine you’ve got a local event, a killer deal in a certain city, or even just want to connect with people in a specific neighborhood.

That’s where location targeting shines! It can boost your engagement, increase relevance, and even save you some budget by making sure your message is reaching the right eyes.

In fact, there are some studies on the positive effects of geo-targeting and some of them suggest that 94% of email marketers say that geotargeting is super critical for their campaign’s success and segmented campaigns receive over 62% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns. These numbers are too big to ignore!

But hey, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes a broader approach works better, depending on your goals. It’s all about what suits your needs best.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you’ve got more questions. Cheers! xx