Best Shopify themes for clothing stores

Hi everyone! I’m setting up a new online clothing store on Shopify and need advice on choosing the right theme. I came across Popupsmart’s Shopify-related articles, so I thought this would be a good place to ask for guidance. I hope I’m in the right place! :smile:

Can someone give tips on choosing a theme and recommend some good options for both free and premium themes suitable for a clothing store? Much appreciated!


Hello, Amari! You’re absolutely in the right place, and we’re delighted to help you choose the perfect theme for your Shopify clothing store. :smile:

Based on my observations and feedback from various store owners, here are some highly recommended Shopify themes for choosing the right theme.

For the Newbies | Free Themes:

  • Dawn, Spotlight, Origin, and Colorblock: If you’re just starting out and keeping an eye on the budget, these are your best choices. They’re simple, stylish, and totally free!

Premium Themes:

  • Impact ($180) – Ideal for stores prioritizing customer engagement through storytelling and offering a typography-focused design, over 35 customizable sections, and features for optimizing conversions.

This is what the Impact demo store looks like:

  • Vivid ($200) – If you’re all about boosting your online visibility and running flash sales, Vivid is your go-to theme. It’s SEO-optimized, easy to set up, and designed to help your brand stand out.

This is what the Vivid demo store looks like:

  • Yuva ($210) – You can choose Yuva for a sleek and sophisticated store design, with the added benefits of countdown sale banners and a convenient “Re-Order” feature. It’s a great fit for high-volume stores.

This is what the Yuva demo store looks like:

  • Fashionopolism ($280) – Designed for stores prioritizing customer interaction. Its standout feature is the Quick View, which makes browsing fun. Ideal for dropshippers and physical stores, it offers a quick setup for a seamless launch.

This is what the Fashionopolism demo store looks like:

  • Flow ($350) – Perfect for stores with high-quality visuals. It provides flexible layouts for showcasing your products. Optimized page speeds and quick-buy tools ensure a seamless shopping experience, making it ideal for high-volume stores and flash sales.

This is what the Flow demo store looks like:

  • Boost ($320) – Ideal for growth-oriented stores focused on increasing sales and conversions, With feature-rich sections and competitive tools, it’s perfect for stores with editorial content, high transaction volumes, and a need for a quick setup.

This is what the Boost demo store looks like:

Hope this helps you in your search for the perfect theme! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Good luck with your clothing store! :shopping:


Hi Amari,

Congratulations on your new store! :tada: I’m happy for you and excited to help. Following Ece’s theme suggestions, I have some tips aimed at helping you choose a theme that fits your new store perfectly.

:heavy_check_mark: First, you will start by exploring the live demo of the theme. Imagine your products in this layout.

Does it feel right?

:heavy_check_mark: Next, check your phone and see how the theme behaves on mobile devices.
Then, play around with navigation. Click here, click there—are the products easy to find? You want your customers to navigate your website effortlessly.

:heavy_check_mark: Customization is also significant. Check to see if you can change things, like colors and fonts, to your liking without writing a single line of code.

:heavy_check_mark: Now, let’s talk about showcasing your products. Upload some photos and see how they look in the demo. They should pop off the screen clearly and attractively, with different angles and zoom options.

:heavy_check_mark: Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to make sure your site doesn’t keep your customers waiting.

:heavy_check_mark: SEO setup cannot be ignored. Make sure it allows you to easily add important keywords and meta descriptions.

Finally, do some research on the theme’s support. Read reviews and stories from other people who have used it.


Hello @ecesanan and @ceren-unlu!

Thanks a bunch for the theme suggestions and awesome tips. I’ve been diving into the demos and testing on my phone, and you guys weren’t kidding about the importance of mobile responsiveness! :sweat_smile:

I appreciate your support :v: