Can ChatGPT Summarize a 120 page PDF All at Once?

I have a 120-page PDF that needs to be summarized quickly. Before you ask, I don’t have time to read or summarize it myself.

So, can you tell me if ChatGPT can summarize it for me, or do you have any other recommendations to do it?

I will need the important details in it, and it would be more than awesome if you could help me give some advice or examples on writing the prompt instead of saying, “Summarize it, please.” :joy:.

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Hi, and yes, yes, yes. ChatGPT can help you get this summary directly.

I totally understand the challenge of needing to quickly summarize a lengthy document, especially like a 120-page PDF, especially when time is tight. ChatGPT can be a great help for you. It generally provides the exact answer and a little creativity.

Since you said that you don’t have enough time, you can chat with PDF. For this, try an AI chatbot that works with ChatGPT, like LiveChatAI. It will help you even with the specific questions that you are looking for answers.

If you are interested in the summary process with ChatGPT, here you are!

Divide your PDF: Firstly, consider breaking your PDF into smaller sections because of the input size limitations of ChatGPT. It doesn’t have to be too precise; just group similar topics or chapters together by splitting PDF pages.

Extract pages: Then, if possible, extract the text from these sections, chapters, themes, or pages. This way, you can work with the content more flexibly, and AI can handle it better.

Once you’ve got these smaller sections, the next step is extracting the text from them. There are plenty of PDF tools out there that can help with this.

Don’t worry about getting every word perfectly; just ensure the main ideas are intact. Organize your PDF pages can support you fast and steadily.

Time for the prompt!: Keep your prompts detailed as you suggest. For instance, you might say something like:

  • “Can you summarize the key points about [specific topic] from this text?” →This helps ChatGPT focus on what’s most important to you in each section.
  • “Please provide a summary of the main arguments in this section about environmental policies.” → You’re more likely to get a summary that zeroes in on what’s crucial in each part of your document.
  • “Summarize the key points from this text on [specific topic]. Focus on main arguments, findings, and conclusions.” → This prompt will take you to the exact solutions in your PDF.
  • “Highlight the most important statistics and case studies mentioned in this section about [specific topic].” → With this one, you will be getting certain points directly, if there are any.

Gather pieces: After you get summaries for each part, you can merge your PDF for an overall understanding of the whole content.

Just a little note: it’s a good idea to review these summaries to ensure nothing critical got missed quickly.

This is just one way that I know to tackle it, and you might find other methods that work better for you. Maybe other recommendations can help you as well.

Best of luck with your summary! :blush:


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I am not sure what your PDF file is about, but I can feel your rush with the time.

Here are some more prompts that I think will help you -they once helped me a lot-:

For a General Overview:

  • “Please provide a general summary of this PDF, focusing on the main themes and conclusions presented across the chapters.”

For Specific Sections or Chapters:

  • “Summarize chapter [number/name] of this PDF, highlighting the key arguments and findings.”

For Technical or Data-Heavy Content:

  • “Can you condense the data and results discussed in this section of the PDF into a brief overview, emphasizing the most significant findings?”

For Historical or Narrative Content:

  • “Give me a summary of the historical events/narrative described in these pages, focusing on the main events and their implications.”

For Theoretical or Conceptual Discussions:

  • “Summarize the key theories or concepts discussed in this part of the PDF, outlining their main points and relevance.”

For Case Studies or Practical Examples:

  • “Provide a concise summary of the case studies/examples in this section, highlighting their outcomes and learnings.”

For Comparative Analysis:

  • “Summarize the comparative analysis presented between [Topic A] and [Topic B] in the PDF, focusing on the main differences and similarities.”

For Conclusions or Recommendations:

  • “What are the main conclusions or recommendations drawn in the final part of this PDF?”

That’s all I have for now, but you can improve these prompts as you like, of course.

Hope they’ll help you :pray: