How do I get a Gmail QR code?

Hi all, back again :slight_smile:

I run an online shop and I’m trying to get more customer feedback. My current email forms are a bit time-consuming and not getting many responses.
I’ve seen how QR codes can make sharing info easier. I’m considering using a QR Code in my thank you emails after purchase so my customers can quickly give feedback. Does anyone have thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi Amari,

Thank you for your question, and I must say - your idea to streamline customer feedback using QR codes is quite innovative!

I recommend the Email QR code generator of QRCodeDynamic, designed perfectly for your situation. It will allow your customers to scan a QR code and be automatically directed to an email draft, making it easier for them to provide feedback. Allow me to guide you through the easy process of setting it up:

  1. Enter your feedback collection email address in the “Email Address” field, ensuring all responses land in the right inbox.
  2. Set the “Prefilled Subject” field as ‘Customer Feedback’ or any title that indicates the purpose of the email.
  3. To help your customers structure their thoughts, provide a simple template in the “Prefilled Message” field, such as “My feedback for [product/service name] is:”.

  1. You can further tweak the design elements like Style, Colors, Frame, and Branding to reflect your company’s aesthetics. I’ve tried something according to my own taste :slight_smile:
  2. Don’t forget to verify by testing the QR code before sending it out to your customers. You want to ensure everything works seamlessly.

Once it’s set up, you just have to share this QR code in your thank-you emails. Your customers will be led to a prefilled email draft, making it easy and quick for them.

Best of luck with your endeavors!


Hi Amari,

I have another idea to add to Ece’s great suggestion. Aside from using a QR code to instantly direct your customers to email drafts, you might want to consider dynamic QR codes.

This type of QR code has adjustable linked content, which means you can change where the QR code sends users without needing to create a new one.

This way, you can easily modify the destination, like the email address, the subject line, or the message template, anytime.

Here’s a brief guide on how to create a dynamic email QR code with QRCodeDynamic:

1. Sign Up/Log In: Start by setting up or logging into your QRCodeDynamic account.

2. Access Dashboard: Click on the “Dashboard” once you log in.

3. Create a Link: In the dashboard, go to the “Links” section and click “Create link”. Enter your email address in the format “”.

4. Generate QR Code: Click “Generate QR code” after creating your link.

5. Choose URL: Select the “URL” as your QR code type.

6. Activate Dynamic QR Code: Make sure to enable the “Dynamic QR code” option.

7. Select Link: Choose the link you’ve created from the given list.

8. Create QR Code: Finalize your QR code by clicking on “Create”, and don’t forget to test it before sharing it.

You can also customize your QR code. Options include adjusting the style of the code, changing its color, uploading a logo for branding, and setting size parameters. Click “Create” again once you’re satisfied with your changes.

Also I suggest you check out a practical video that can guide you through the process visually. In this video, ‘How to Create a Dynamic Email Sending Campaign (Quick & Easy),’ I provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up dynamic email campaigns effectively.

I hope this gives you a clear idea of why using a dynamic QR code might benefit your purpose. Good luck!


Hello Amari,

I love your idea of ​​using a Gmail QR code to collect customer feedback, and it’s great to see Ece and Berna providing useful information on this!

On a side note, you may consider using popup feedback forms or integrating a live chat tool on your website. These can serve as friendly and immediate channels for your customers to share impressions, increasing the likelihood of more responses.

Both methods can help you get more feedback.

Hope all works great for your shop! :smiling_face:


Thank you so much, ladies!

I’ll start exploring QRCodeDynamic and considering a dynamic QR code. The ability to adjust the linked content seems ideal for keeping our feedback system flexible and responsive.

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