Is it worth buying a Shopify template?

Hello, this is Sue. I’ve been dealing with Shopify for a while and I’m on the fence about purchasing a Shopify theme for my online store.
Can anyone share their experiences and insights on whether it’s worth buying a Shopify theme?
What are the key factors I should consider before making this investment for my e-commerce venture?


Hey Sue! That often stirs debates in the e-commerce world.

I’ll try to share the pros and cons of investing in a Shopify theme. This way, you can decide whether buying a Shopify template is worth it.

Pros of Buying a Shopify Theme:

  • Time and Effort Savings: A Shopify theme can be a time-saver, allowing you to launch your website quickly, bypassing the laborious design and development process.
  • Professional Design: Shopify offers an array of professionally designed themes that can instantly elevate the visual appeal of your website, making it look sleek and trustworthy.
  • Customization Options: These highly customizable themes allow you to tailor your site’s look to align perfectly with your brand’s identity.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Most Shopify themes are built with mobile responsiveness in mind, ensuring that your website looks fantastic on any device, which is vital for SEO and user experience.
  • Technical Support: Purchased themes often come with technical support from the theme developers. This support can be a lifesaver when you need help or encounter issues.

Cons of Buying a Shopify Theme:

  • Cost: The primary drawback is the cost. Premium Shopify themes can be on the pricier side, and while free options are available, they may lack certain features.
  • Limited Uniqueness: While customization is possible, there are limits to how unique your site can be compared to a completely custom-built website.
  • Compatibility Issues: Some purchased themes may not seamlessly integrate with specific apps or integrations, leading to compatibility problems.
  • Regular Updates: Themes require regular updates to remain secure and functional. Some theme developers may not provide these updates, leaving your site potentially vulnerable.
  • Learning Curve: Customizing a Shopify theme may demand some technical knowledge. You might face a learning curve if you’re unfamiliar with web development.

Hope those help you to decide how to proceed with your e-commerce journey!

Have a great day ahead!


Hi Sue! Buying a Shopify template can be an intelligent choice & worth the expense if it fits your needs.

I suggest you keep these in mind while evaluating whether it is worth buying a Shopify template or not:

  • Design: Look for a template that matches your branding.
  • Time & Expertise: Templates save time if you’re not a coding expert.
  • Features: Paid templates offer more built-in features.
  • Compatibility: Ensure it works with your Shopify version and apps.
  • Mobile: Make sure it’s mobile-responsive.
  • Reviews: Check user reviews and ratings for quality.
  • Scalability: Choose a template that can grow with your business.

Also, you can consider these 3 paid Shopify templates:

1. Stockholm

Stockholm is a versatile theme suitable for any store with a clean, blog-like design.

It includes promo banners for showcasing products and offers Default, Beauty, Style, Accessories, and Crafts options. Key features include a sticky header, a slideshow for product display, customer reviews, and product recommendations.

Pricing: $320 with an unlimited free trial; payment required upon publishing.

2. Impulse

Impulse is a versatile Shopify template with three presets, Modern, Bold, and Clean, making it perfect for stores with many products, particularly those in outdoor activities and sports.

It includes a slideshow for the homepage, product recommendations, and sorting options.

Pricing: $350 with an unlimited free trial; payment required for publishing.

3. Editions

Editions is a clean and minimal Shopify template with Light, Spring, and Modern presets for any industry.

Top features include recommended products, image zoom, animations, and high-res images for an attractive product showcase.

Pricing: $250 with an unlimited trial; payment upon publishing.

Hope these help while searching for a conversion-ready Shopify template!


Hi Sue!

If you are wondering about the top Shopify templates to increase conversions, you can check out this video as well:

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